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pinecone automation process automation robotics food industry

At Pinecone Automation, we help food manufacturers
in 3 ways

  • Increasing Productivity​

  • Overcoming labour shortages ​

  • Eliminating work injuries ​

Increase Productivity

Process automation is one of the best ways to improve efficiency and streamline operations. It's a powerful tool that automates repetitive tasks to improve productivity and product quality.

Eliminate Work Injuries

Manufacturing automation (and especially cobots) can help reduce or eliminate some of the leading causes for workplace injuries: contact with harmful objects, heavy lifting and repetitive stress injuries. That's why automation technology should be used to significantly improve workplace safety in the food industries.

Overcome Labour Shortage

We believe that automation should be used to replace stupid and physically demanding jobs, freeing up workers to learn new skills and take on qualified jobs. And it is the only way to overcome labor shortage in many unattractive jobs in food productions.

pinecne automation process automation robotics system integration food industry

Unprecedented Reliability. Unexpected Creativity.

Pinecone Automation is implementing smart and easy-to-use automation, that operators want to use because it makes their lifes easier! ​


We work with our client’s budget to ensure that there is an excellent ROI and we look at alternative ways to overcome the capital-intensive investment at the beginning of a project. ​We work with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry and if there is no suitable solution in the market, we create it! ​

We're home in the fields of Robotics, Conveying Systems and Depositing Solutions - and we deliver turnkey solutions. These solutions include the Selection of Equipment, the Project Management, Implementation & Startup, Training of staff and After-Sales-Service.



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pinecone automation process automation system integration robotics food industry bakery industry

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We are your experts for everything around collaborative robotics and OEM system integration in the food processing industries. 

If you are looking for solutions to further automate your production processes, let's get in contact and chat. There's always space for improvement, we're here to listen!

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