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Who is Pinecone?

At Pinecone Automation, we are a dedicated team of industry veterans, that has more than 80 years of combined experience in automating the food and bakery industries. ​

martin riis pinecone automation

Martin Riis

Martin has worked his entire career automating food manufacturing around the world. Some of his clients include Rich Product, Dawn Foods, Lagkagehuset, Tyson Foods to mention a few. His slogan in life is: "Keep it Simple!" And he loves Surfing. 

Contact Details

Call +45 52 90 64 56

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martin hornsteiner pinecone automation

Martin Hornsteiner

Martin always has an eye for the customer. His experience in the food industry is based on several decades and his network in this industry is huge. Martin's focus: finding the right solutions for our customer and make it work. Martin is a unique character and has always remained down to earth.​

Contact Details

Call +49 172 778 29 54

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tobias hornsteiner pinecone automation

Tobias Hornsteiner

Tobias' enthusiasm for process improvement & automation in the food industry is also his passion. He has been working in this industry for half his life and is always excited about it.
For him, the focus of our solutions is the benefit and added value for the customer and the operators.
His sources of energy are nature, family and the campfire.

Contact Details

Call +49 176 1 580 285 0

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kristian grau pinecone automation

Kristian Grau

Since childhood Kristian has been tinkering with mechanics. He turned his hobby into his profession within development of automation equipment, mechanical solutions and products. He is passionate about inventing new solutions that are also cost efficient to produce. His backbone lies in the family and ensuring a healthy work-life balance. 

Contact Details

Call +45 31 37 32 57

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